TFox 0.3.9

Imagen TFox 0.3.9
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    Mozilla Hispano

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    Windows 8

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  • Updated:

    January 30, 2022

  • "Added for Firefox that allows to use the Tuenti social network"

TFox is a plug-in that integrates Tuenti functions in the Mozilla Firefox interface so you can use the social network very comfortably through your browser. The modules are now present in a bar located on the side of the navigation software, and can be used for viewing photos, sending messages and searching for contacts, among other purposes.

It is very practical to be able to enjoy Tuenti at the same time as you browse other websites through Firefox. The activity you do on the social network will not affect other browsing experiences in any way whatever your use of the popular communication portal: see those images and photos that your friends have uploaded, publish your own, delete some of the messages received, contact other users in real time, and so on.

Every time a TFox message is sent to you, it will notify you with a notification, and you must first enter the credentials of each Tuenti account you intend to use with this add-on for Mozilla Firefox.

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